TBT Chris’s Collection Of The Rare CA Luxury Replica Tag Heuer Audi Sport Watches

Chris is an architect living in the US. He recently found my article and commented that he has an extensive Audi Swiss movements replica watches collection. That’s was more than enough for me to reach out and get to know Chris a bit more. When I was younger, I also wanted my own car- 1:1 Swiss fake watches collection. I was really curious about how it all started. “My first car in the States was an old Infinity G20, a real piece of junk. The motor finally blew up and then I got my first Audi A4, which my wife crashed. So that was my excuse to get an S4. I tuned and modified the car so much that there is not much else I can do to it. It‘s at about 500 horsepower. After no longer being able to add things to the car, I got into AAA top replica watches,” explained Chris.

Tuning Audi replica watches collection

Chris bought his first Audi best CA fake watches in 2016 and decided to make it a collection a year after he got around another 20 Audi perfect replica watches. When his wife found out about his new passion, he slowed down a lot. At that time he got to around 150 Audi cheap copy watches. He already sold a few pieces, but he is sure he could get them back again. Before he was buying every Audi Swiss made replica watches he saw, but over time it evolved into only buying nicer pieces. He is still on the hunt for a fairly priced Audi Muhle or Audi Sinn. Probably the biggest rarity is the luxury fake Tag Heuer Audi Sport Chronograph watches, which could undoubtedly be called the grail Audi super clone watches for sale.

Fake Tag Heuer Audi Sport Ref. 510.533 Watches

There were two dial versions with different designs of the 12-hours sub-register. Chris owns the rarer model that lacks the half-hour increments marks on the 12-hour counter. The replica watches wholesale shop were commissioned by Audi Sport U.K & David Sutton Motorsport Ltd. They were available only in the UK and based on the available information, was sold in the 1980’s only for around two months. The high quality fake Tag Heuer Audi Sport watches thus represent a very unique and very sought-after co-branding.

If it reminds you of other replica watches for men and women, you’re probably thinking of military chronographs with a 17 jewel Lemania Cal. 5100. This admirable movement also beats in the Tag Heuer Audi Sport, but again interestingly enough, it was slightly modified. Audi made both the 24-hour register at 12 o’clock and the day window disappear, thus creating more space for the unusual branding.

Typically seen on other examples featuring a Cal. 5100. The day aperture was also removed in favor of the “Audi Sport” branding, making this configuration rather special. What flagship 1:1 top Tag Heuer fake watches in Chris’s collection, especially judging the fact that less than 100 online imitation Tag Heuer Audi Sport watches are known to exist.

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